Topological Maps, Google, and Multivariable Calculus

Right now, I’m about to start teaching Partial Derivatives in my multivariable calculus class. I’m going to teach them in a traditional way, to build a sense of what they are. However, I really want to create a project that has students take actual data and find something useful with it. To take you down […]

Multivariable Calculus Problem Sets

As you probably know, I’m teaching Multivariable Calculus this year, and I came into the course with a vision: a collaborative, problem-solved based class, where students aren’t motivated by exams and grades, but rather by the challenge of thinking for themselves. (Of course, getting really great, full-of-personality students helps too!) The problem sets seem to […]

The Friendship of Calculus: A Girl’s Journey Into the Unwavering Depths of The Third Dimension

One of my multivariable calculus students did her final project based around a book we read and discussed in class. It is called The Calculus of Friendship by Steven Strogatz. In it, the author writes each chapter about his own life and relationship with his former calculus teacher through the lens of some mathematical puzzle or […]