A bouquet of thanks

This morning I gave a presentation to the 10th grade about a blog I set up for them to archive their community service week (which is two weeks from now). It went well. I left knowing I did a good (darn good) job with my presentation — I joked and got my point across.

The dean who was there said that after the presentation, he wanted to hug me (because it really got the kids to realize what the whole community service thing was about).

I had done a lot of work to set up this blog — but I did it because I believe in it, because I wanted to.

I got back to my office in the middle of the day, and on my desk was a bouquet of flowers. From the 10th grade advisers (homeroom teachers), in appreciation of all the work I’ve done on this. My heart glowed; it’s nice to have hard work is acknowledged.



  1. i am glad to be getting re-caught up on ye olde blog and even gladder(!) about vignette numero uno. i feel very proud of my lil’ bro. seriously.

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