Projects I’m Proud Of

Explore Math:

This is an open-ended set of mini-explorations that students in my precalculus class do. The impetus for this was to give my kids the freedom to explore any kind of mathematics that interested them, without the constraints of our formal curriculum. The website for the mini-explorations is here. The blogposts about it are here, here, here, and here.



In 2012, I worked with a science teacher and a few students to launch an online math-science journal at our school called Intersections. The original post about this journal is here.  And the journal itself is here.


Family of Curves Project:

This is a math-art project that I had my precalculus students do to combine our knowledge of function transformations and sequences together. Plus it let them have some fun! The blogposts about this project are here, here, and here.


Art and Geometry Project:

This is a semester-long math-art project that I had my geometry students do. At regular intervals, students were introduced to some more of Geogebra’s capabilities, and were flex their creative sides when exploiting them. The website for the project is here.


The 180 Blog

In 2013-2014, I posted one thing that happened each day we had school. A colleague of mine also did the same. Our year is archived here.


The One Good Thing Blog

I am a regular contributor to the One Good Thing blog, where I regularly post just one small good thing. In 2014-2015, I tried to post one good thing every day.




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