Mathematical Flavors Convention Center

Virtual Conference on Mathematical Flavors

August 1st through August 29, 2018


There is a vibrant community of math educators that share their thinking on blogs. And often times, those posts are on particular lessons, teaching strategies, organizational strategies, or straight-up explorations of math. Things that get written usually engage with the micro-level. A day, a unit, a teacher move, a mathematical concept. The purpose of this conference is to take a moment to zoom out and connect the micro to the macro, to connect our everyday pedagogy to our kids’ conceptions of mathematics.

“Math” means very different things to each of our kids. And as teachers, we create spaces and experiences which shape our kids understanding of what mathematics is. So the key question we are asking in this conference is “What flavor of mathematics are you serving up in your classroom?” The extended and more formal prompt is here.  It is a truism is that there is no one valid way to teach math. We’d love for you to become a presenter and give the world a taste of your classroom’s mathematics! How does your everyday work affect how your kids understand what math is all about? I hope you’ll join us by adding your presentation to the schedule below!



Keep checking back to see this program fill out with the presentations! Each week the keynote speakers presentations will go live, and additional presenters who submit their presentations will be added!

August 1:

Keynote Speakers: Ben Orlin and Annie Perkins


August 8:

Keynote Speakers: Rebecka Peterson and Dan Meyer 


August 15:

Keynote Speakers: Robert Q Berry III and Matt Enlow


August 22:

Keynote Speakers: Michael Pershan and Lybrya Kebreab


August 29:

Keynote Speaker: Tracy Zager