Tech Post

This four day weekend I did a lot of relaxing and movie watching. I also have been working on three tech things, in addition to updating my slowly burgeoning online portfolio. Note: I store documents and host the banner picture on this great free site called boxstr. I highly recommend it.

1. I learned that my mac has iMovie, which I learned how to use in the most basic ways. But it’s simple, easy to use, and has a lot of things that makes me think that I could make a really funny short vignette for the classroom — setting up a math problem/puzzle for my kiddos. And the fact that it ties in so easily with iTunes, iPhoto, and the built in camera is just heaven.

(I already made a sample 3 minute video which consists of pictures of me and my friend Henny. It took about 40 minutes to learn how to do it, pick the song, and get all the photos to show up at the right time.)

2. I spent about 90 minutes researching rss aggregators. I want to have a place to put my math teacher blogs, and lets me read them all at once. My two criteria: (a) it must be web based so I can access my feeds anywhere, and (b) it must be pretty to look at. I’m so sick of rss aggregators looking like Outlook Express. My conclusion: netvibes wins. It’s not designed to be exclusively an rss aggregator, but it certainly does that, and does it well.

It’s customizable in all the right ways, too. So I’ve made it look pretty with no effort. Right now it only has 6 blogs, but when I have time, more!

3. I have been working on a project for my Algebra II kids. They are going to be making Smartboard videos of how to do certain problems, or addressing certain topics, from this year. The other Algebra II teacher and I are starting this now, and hopefully by Spring Break, each student will have created one video. Then hopefully students will be able to use these videos when studying for the final exam, to either refresh their memory on old topics, or in some cases, to learn them for the first time.

There are lots of logistical things which are going to be crazy about this, so I hope it goes smoothly.


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