Schmorgeshborg of links.

Some good finds I’ve been saving up. Click below for a hodgepodge.

(1) [a place to get a whole bunch of free, quality fonts. It takes time to sort through the muck and mire, but there are hundreds of gems]

(2) A letter to a young teacher [via MathStories]. I want all my young teacher friends to read this. It begins

You’ve stuck with this job for a few years now. You have made it past the hardest few years, but it’s still a really hard job. And you’re at a point where you know a lot about the job, but there’s still a lot to learn. And the things you haven’t learned yet are the some of the things you need to stay with this job. I don’t know for sure that you should stay; after all, people switch professions these days. But here are some of the things it takes longer than three or four years to really, really learn. Some of these are things I’ve had to learn the hard way, some of these are things I’ve seen others learn the hard way, and a lot of these ideas are things that I keep having to relearn all the time.

and then goes on to give practical advice, like

You learn that perfection is a lousy goal because it is unattainable.

You learn that excellence is a better goal, but even that is a moving target.

In other words, you learn that the perfect really is the enemy of the good.

(3) Agreed, the best math scene in any movie [via 360]

(4) Information design representation of song titles [again, via 360]. It reminds me of Indexed.

(5) A lecture about how to lecture. The advice given is hopefully common place for us teachers, who are nothing if not naturally excellent expositors, but it’s always good to have someone enumerate all that we do right.



  1. our spring break is coming up and i’m totally going to play it for them on the day before they go… they’ll crack up.

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