How much do I love Feist? From the first song I heard of hers (Mushaboom) to the myriad others that followed, I was drawn to her haunting voice and her upbeat beat down sound.

And then, then, she comes out with this:

which is a take on this:

which is a feat almost surpassed by this:

and again, I could hear this song a million times and still not be sick of it. I’m in love.

PS. If you haven’t heard the Jack Penate cover of the song, go here or here and press the little play button. Addictive. Do I love it more than the original? Quite possibly. Another really good cover is by Bikini. And still another. Other amateur and not terrible covers: 1 2 3 4 (though I am thoroughly sickened by the t-shirt on the singer of cover 3).


One comment

  1. PPS. I get that the synchronized swimming video was put together with the song after the fact… It wasn’t choreographed to the music but mashed up aftwards.

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