Because you need to laugh so you don’t scream!

I can’t help it… I have to post about this… jd2718 led me to a blog which is so awesomely captivating that I just spent the last hour reading like a zillion postings…

It’s not all flowers and sausages

It chronicles all the funny, frustrating, quotidian things teachers go through… you know what I’m talking about… there are those things which we go through and are funny to everyone

excerpt from blog: “Well you need to get them to stop. We don’t need children standing there having orgasms. The next thing you know they will all be shivering and shaking and oooooohhhhhhhhh”

… and then there are those things that you only want to tell to other teachers because your friends wouldn’t get it

excerpt from blog: And as the cherry on my sundae, I ended my day with a doctor’s appointment. If that wasn’t sweet enough, I was correcting papers in the waiting room when my name was called. And she had the balls to say, “Oh look, you’re correcting papers, isn’t that cute!” I wonder if it would also be “cute” if Friday I run screaming from the building and bury myself face down in a cocktail?


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