Best! News! Ever!

I just got my second “the summer is winding down but don’t worry it’s not really over, but actually, wait, here is a package of information for you, so that you can’t pick up your margarita without thinking how few are left to imbibe in the freedom that has been your summer” mailing from my school.

No, silly, that’s not the best! news! ever!

It’s my schedule. I knew what I was teaching this year (natch!), but I didn’t know that… wait for it… drum roll… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I get to have all my classes in the same room.


For context, last year I was in 3 different rooms: one of them was in this room that I wouldn’t have wished upon my teaching nemesis, if I had one, and another one was in the middle school which is hard to get to in the passing period (well, it was a 7th grade class, so that’s a bit legit).

Take a moment, and close your eyes. WAIT! Then you can’t read this. But imagine yourself with your eyes closed imagining the following, if you will:

You walk down half a flight of stairs from my office and enter the science wing. You turn left and in front of you, a science room. Not just any science room. A very spacious science room, with two rolling whiteboards (love it!) in addition to the SmartBoard. The austere black lab desks/tables each seat two students. Now rearrange these desks set up in a “U” shape, where the “U” faces the SmartBoard. Peeking in, you see eager young faces looking with admiration at their teacher — they can’t believe he has moved up in the ranks so quickly to have somehow gotten such a room. The teacher does a quick sweep of his domain, and indicates he’s about to speak. The students rush to pick up their pencils, their heartbeats beating faster in excitement. “What’s about to be said? What sage words will he impart to us?” they think. “Math,” he says, followed by a very pregnant pause. “Is about the coolest thing ever.” A sea of heads start nodding vigorously, while thunderous applause fills the vast room, echoing through every nook and crevice.

Darn, I lost my train of thought. And dude, where’d my margarita go?



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