The sky is falling

Preface: Classes start tomorrow.

Things that went wrong today, while attempting to get organized and do some prep work.

(1) The printer in the math office at school decides it doesn’t want to work, so I can’t print stuff out at school. This is the number one worst thing ever for the day before classes start. Period.

(2) My printer at home is broken. Tonight I tried to fix it. I was unsuccessful. As a permanent reminder of this mechanical failure, I have ink all over my bedsheet.

(3) I was suffering from heat exhaustion at the end of the day. There isn’t any AC in our office, and with all the teachers there, working with a flurry of activity, I started to have hot flashes. Whoever said you have to be a woman to be afflicted is a crackpot.

(4) [In my school (as is usual in independent schools) students purchase their own textbooks. None of my multivariable calculus students seem to have a textbook. In theory, they should be able to use their calculus books from last year, since the multivariable sections are the last 5 chapters. However, apparently, the calculus teacher last year (he retired at the end of last year), told his students they didn’t need to buy a book. How he taught the class, I don’t know, but the consequence is: I’m screwed.

(5) As a consequence of this book disaster, an hour ago I decide to check to see if the book order for my regular calculus class went in the system — so students know which is the right book to order. Apparently the course is listed as “Calculus AB BC.” This is NOT an AP course. Luckily they have the right course number listed, along with my name. So there’s a chance students got the book.

What’s unfortunate was that I wasn’t nervous or anxious or anything about going back to school last month, last week, even yesterday. But now that all this has happened, I am having a mini-freak out. Sigh.



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