Day Two: Completed

A little surprise for you above — so take a click.

Today was good; not productive in terms of lesson planning, but great in terms of getting all settled in. I got to finally meet my other two classes (Algebra II and Multivariable Calculus) and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Overall, I think all my classes are going to be really solid this year. I’ve been trying to do this really mixed attitude: friendly but firm. (An example of firm: “Can I get a drink of water?” “No.” [I continue teaching].)

Also, I now have a calculus motto, used by a student in an aside conversation: “ANYTHING FOR CALCULUS.” Maybe I’ll make buttons.

My one concern is the split between the two calculus classes: in one I have 15, in the other I have 4. I’ll be honest: I’m already noticing a huge difference in the amount of material we can cover each day. I anticipate getting to cover 5-7 minutes worth of more material in the small class than in the large class. Even today, I got much further, and felt more confident about where we left things. And this is day two. I don’t know how the class sizes got so wackadoodle, but I have to figure out — and early on too — how to keep them at least approximately in sync, without doing either class a disservice.

But I am really looking forward for tomorrow — because after Friday comes THE WEEKEND. (And I’ve been working for the weekend.)

UPDATE: A seal made for my calculus class.



  1. Oh, no, you didn’t let loose with the wackadoodle.

    I hate when my classes are out of sync. It’s difficult enough to do a good job with 3 different classes a day, but 5? Forget it. I’m looking at a similar issue with my two algebra 1’s (18 kids vs. 10 kids) but I’m withdrawing from the slush fund of differentiation to make up for time discrepancies. If I were trad-teaching it I’d probably plan for some extra creative problem solving something or other to fill in the extra time.

  2. Tom, you mean like students doing their calculus homework first, and all other homework after that? If so, I’m on board with that!

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