My Friend Robin

My friend Robin Wasserman is a writer of young adult books. I am often afflicted by deep affection for my friends and sing their praises liberally. However, I can say without hyperbole that my friend Robin is extraordinarily talented. Her latest book — her first foray in to science fiction — has been released and I’ve finished my copy.

It’s great. It touches on a lot of really smart themes (see this interview from the SciFi channel and this even more interesting interview by another young adult author). And more importantly, as a teacher, I can see this book leading to some fascinating discussions about science, about emotions, about faith, about humanity, about relationships, and about visions of the future. Maybe it is better said by a professional opinion:

“Futuristically blurring the boundaries of life and death, this text intimately tackles tough ethical topics, including faith, identity, suicide and genetic engineering, through blunt dialogue and realistic characters.”
– Kirkus Reviews

She doesn’t know I’m writing this. She’ll probably find it soon eough because she googles herself about once every hour. But even though it’s not math, I just had to blog about it.



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