Tough Day

Today was a tough day. The toughest so far this year.

Fielding parent calls, communicating with administrators, getting questioned by administrators, having issues with my computer, not having a lunch. Yargh. My classes were awesome, though, but even that wasn’t enough today, when I felt boxed in from all sides.

All I wanted was a giant hug, and someone to tell me that I’m good at what I do, and they respect and support me as a teacher.



  1. From what I’ve read here, you’re a good teacher who not only is helping the students learn math, but enjoys doing it and engages the students in a way that they appreciate.

    Especially at midterm things get a little crazy for students, parents, admins, AND teachers. Don’t let it get you down yet.

  2. Missing lunch is a bad sign for me. Never mind the rest of the nightmare you’re hinting at.

    I only did it once last year. And, you’re right, even amazing classes don’t help on those days.

    Hope tomorrow goes better! (And crossing fingers you have a break soon. Monday, mayhaps?)

  3. @Sarah: We actually have a 5 day weekend (Yom Kippur and Columbus day = Thursday/Friday/Monday off). So I’m going to take this weekend and reinvigorate myself.

    Hooray breaks!

  4. Yeah, this *is* disturbing. Keep on good teaching work and don’t get discouraged!

    BTW: this reminds me of my today’s class on PDE. After 3-4 hours of hard work I began to vaguely understand what I was going to teach… A terrible experience. (Well, probably my standard of “vague understanding” was just a bit higher than most students’ standard of “good understanding”;) and a whole way higher than their standard of “understanding enough to pass the exam”, but still I was pretty nervous…)

  5. Thanks for your support. It was just an overwhelming day. But I’m back in town (visited the parental units for a couple days) and reinvigorated. Hooray! For! School! And! Math!

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