Parent Night is Almost Upon Us

We have “parent night” on Thursday and there are five things I have to remind myself to do:

  1. Plan to speak for 15 minutes, even though I only have 10 minutes with them. That way you can go “oops, I guess I’m out of time” and send everyone along.
  2. Integrate humor into the presentation.
  3. Talk about the content of the class, the expectations I put on students, the expectations I put on myself, and anticipating any parent questions and addressing them in the presentation (e.g. do I ever allow extra credit? no.)
  4. Do NOT let any parent ask me questions about their individual child. Politely say “I don’t think tonight is the best night to have conversations about individual children. However, I’d be happy to set up a conversation! Here’s my contact info.”
  5. Don’t freak out!


  1. 6. And remember, you are a *great* teacher. In these settings, clarity of vision and confidence in yourself is better than fancy presentations and witty jokes. You will be awesome.

  2. Oh no! I just made a really fancy presentation with subtle jokes. Oh well. But seriously, thanks. I think that my presentation shows my clarity of vision and confidence in myself.

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