Mathematics Illuminated & the Carnival of Education

1. The Carnival of Mathematics 43 is out. There’s some really great stuff there! Including a really wonderful problem for an Algebra II class! And a great way to do test review!

2. Today in my MV Calculus course, I was teaching curvature. One of my students asked for the dimensions of curvature. Love those sorts of questions! In any case, when I was looking online for some good resources, I came across this website which explains curvature — and a bunch of other really interesting math topics — to the layperson.

So, here’s my present to you: if you’re a math teacher and you have an extra class to introduce the ideas behind advanced mathematics, without going into all the equations and nuances, you have your lesson plan laid out here, at Mathematics Illuminated. Totally awesome stuff! Plus, if you register (for free!), you can stream videos on teach topic. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to watch one yet, so tell me if you get a chance if the videos are any good in the comments.


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