Dorm Life

I have been addicted to this little web show dorm life.


Check it out on hulu. My suggestion: watch it from the beginning of season 1. One of the best things about this show is that you grow to love the characters.  Plus there is some larger story arcs.

The worst part? The episodes are only 5-10 minutes each.

None of you know me, really, but I have to say I have one special, secret most favorite character. Guess if you want. I’ll tell you if you’re right.



  1. It really is the slow start before sucking me into the show’s universe. Confession, I watched the finale before going thru the series. It was better than the episodes I’d seen earlier. But is much better after letting everything build.

    Abby’s my favorite. I’m not going to attempt to guess yours.

  2. I’ll tell you. It was Shane — all the way. But then I grew tired of him since his character had no development, and then it was a tie between Gopher and Abby.

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