Senior Classes Over; Letters Distributed

My internet at home hasn’t been functional, so I have been negligent about putting posts up. There’s a ton to tell you about (the balloon caper, birthdays, reviewing for finals, the multivariable calculus final projects, etc.) and just no internet to do it with. But I’m staying late at school to at least get this post up.

Today was my last day of classes with my seniors. My calculus students took a test yesterday so it was time to party. This was going to be their last math class of high school! Some were sentimental and had a hard time coming into the room — if they came it, it would mean the end of an era for them. My class of seven met first period and we started out having a rousing chorus of L’Hopital (I have Calculus in the Heart). Then we played a lot of “Apples to Apples.” (Best. Game. Ever.) There was a mountain of junk food we devoured. At the end of class, I gave them each a letter (see below) and let them go. I was feeling pretty sentimental. The other class 0f seventeen met last period (their last class of high school ever!) and minus being able to rouse everyone into a chorus of L’Hopital, the same happened.

And like that, it was over. The seniors are not under my charge anymore. My sentimentality is waxing.

My senior letter this year (I also included the poem/prose from my senior letter last year, put up here):



  1. @Kat: haha, don’t worry. I bought him a thank you gift for teaching me so amazingly for two years, and wrote him a letter, and he replied with his letter. He didn’t play favorites — I was playing favorites.

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