My 2009-2010 Course Expectations

Below are working drafts of my course expectations for next year. Most things — in terms of wording and text — haven’t changed, although the grading breakdowns have. In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, I’m all about having super clear expectations for my students. Anyway, you can see that aspect of my teaching come through in these.

Algebra II Course Expectations, 2009-2010

Calculus, Course Expectations, 2009-2010

Multivariable Calculus, Course Expectations, 2009-2010

Feel free to steal anything, if you like anything.



  1. I love the voice you use with students. These are not only clear, but fun to read. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Thanks for permission to steal! I will definitely do that (and will even give you credit). Along with your content, 90% of which I agree with, I am most impressed by your tone, which is so much livelier and more interesting than the tone of the course expectations that I’ve been using for years. So I plan to rewrite my document with a heavy infusion of ideas and wording from yours. Thanks!

  3. Sam, I love these. I re-wrote my stuff this year, and now I wish I would have seen this first! It’s very well done. I know I usually feel a lot of anxiety at the beginning of the year trying to wrap up and package all the impressions I want students to have in the perfect way.

  4. I’m a few years (almost a decade) late to this.. but love these. Thanks for sharing. I need to update my syllabus and will definitely be poaching some of your verbage. I don’t see why you would have… but any additional changes you wish to share?

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