My Tentative Schedule for 2009-2010

SamSchedule2009I’m really proud of this graphic design. Click on it and see it in full size glory!

I wasn’t pleased with any of the planners out there, because they didn’t take in to account the strange and rotating schedule we use. So I’m going to get 40 or so of these pages professionally bound at or some similar self-publishing site.



  1. Hmm, with a little programming, your school could provide a file with each teacher’s A through H classes, and have something like that produced for each teacher.

    1. hm – i bet you’re right! i just don’t know how to program. (i mean they do give us paper copies of our schedules – but they aren’t planners, which is my sticking point.) i made this schedule in a free program for the mac called “scribus.”

      but i do like your idea, so i made a ‘blank one’ (no classes) for teachers:

      i’m going to wait to see if the one i ordered comes out alright before passing around the link, though.

      1. Not just a free program for mac, scribus is free for all operating systems (win, linux, mac, beos, etc.).

        Way back when I taught Yearbook, we used Scribus to do our page layouts. The school couldn’t afford InDesign, you see.

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