Mr. Sandman

I don’t know what it is but thing have been so busy in the last two weeks that I don’t remember a time I left school before 7pm (most days 8)… and I continue doing work at home until 10 or 11. I honestly don’t know why. I’m not getting any more work done that I have previously. I’m just grading and lesson planning. Maybe it’s that all my free time at school is now being taken up by meetings with students. (Note to self: do you really want to encourage students to seek out help? [1])

It’s a little bit crazy. Actually totally wackadoodle crazy. I mean, anytime that I don’t read my “back twitter feed” (the tweets that happen when I’m in school or working), it’s just wackadoodle crazy. And I’ve had a couple of those days where I thought “Can it be winter vacay already, please, Mr. Calendar, because I seriously need to lie down and sleep for hours.”

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to do that for a while. Because today right after school I am getting on a bus to go to Boston for the NCTM conference. I don’t return until Sunday evening. And what do I have waiting for me on Monday morning? Yes, the substitute is administering exams in 3 of my 4 classes. So I totally win the prize by having tons of stuff on my plate when I return.


Followed quickly by the end of the quarter, and comment writing time.

Please, sir, I’d just like some sleep.

[1] In case it wasn’t obvious, sarcasm. Obviously.



  1. Thanks guys!
    @Sue: I will def give you a breakdown here, and if you want to hear more, just holla.
    @Alison: You know, I was stressed out, but then I got here and I’ve put everything else out of my mind. I’m going to enjoy this weekend, and let the rest come as it may.

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