How BlogBuddies became Friends

I’m not gonna rehash my “why twitter” post, but I have to say that twitter has added something new to my life, something I didn’t have before. Friends, who are online.

In the math office, it’s weird to say “I heard this great idea from this blog person I sort of interact with.” Do I call these people my colleagues? bloggers? twitterers? Wow, I can imagine the howls of execration my colleagues would cry if I said: “Oh I got this great idea from my tweep.” Twitter induces eyerolling and hatred for the masses. Trust me, I know.

But now I know what to call them.


A few weeks ago I had one of the hardest I’ve ever experienced as a teacher — emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. I know it seems like we say that at the end of every week, but I really meant it that week. I had a total meltdown. And so early in that week I logged onto twitter, and posted something cryptic about having a terrible day, and got some really nice messages from people back. These are people I’ve shared materials with, my ideas with, and my everyday foibles with. I shot those who commiserated with me an email with more details.

When pressing “send” I did kind of wonder why I was doing that. Who really were these people that I’m sharing my frustrations with? But at the same time, it felt so natural. We talk to each other almost every day, about the things we’re doing at school. We share, tease, joke, and laugh with each other. And  I needed to get something off my chest — something I couldn’t really say to people in my school. These people have become not only my virtual support. They are also my very real support. And yes, we are friends because we go through the tough times together. We help each other out, be it a pedagogical question, or a math problem answer.

But we also just “get” each other.Like, yeah, we have fun joking together.

The moment I knew I could trust these people with my own problems was this exchange:


As a threat in this exchange, @SweenWSweens said “Just you wait, Sam J Shah.” I did wait, and I was schooled. When Halloween came around, @SweenWSweens actually virtually dressed up in costume. AS ME!


And just today, @dcox21 posted a picture of his (totes adorable) newborn for us to oogle at, and @jimwysocki, @Fouss, @CarissaJuneK, @jbrtva and I decided we were going to start a school where all faculty break out in choreographed song and dance at least once a week.

If you’re reading this TWITTER TEACHER BLOGGER FRIENDS. Or shall I just say friends?




  1. I’m on twitter, but I never look at it. Just one mode too many for me, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing the twitter conversation, Sam. I’ve never seen something like that before.

  2. That is awesome. I needed a tangible reminder of why I keep nagging myself to blog, tweet, whatever, and connect with this online community of awesomeness.

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