People have been telling us what we need to do

Student quotation from an online survey I gave about class today:

I think it went really good. Although many of us struggled, that feeling of struggling felt good. Teachers always give us equations to use or tell us what we need to know, but during class today that wasn’t the case. We had to pull together what we knew in order to solve problems. You didn’t give us specific equations to use or anything.  I feel like this connects to life, and especially now for us seniors. Throughout most of our life people have been telling us what we need to do, but soon we will be the adults who need to know how to resolve problems when we are approached by them. People won’t be giving us what we need to solve our problems any more, we need to learn to struggle and figure out our own ways to succeed.

I am aglow with how thoughtful, reflective, and mature my kids can be. I also was reminded how capable my kids are. And yes, probably more to come on what prompted this.



    1. Sent you an email.

      But for others who might want to know, I used GoogleForms and asked 3 questions. The survey was done anonymously and I asked for honesty.

      How do you think our first class on problem solving went?
      What makes you nervous about doing more of this type of work? (If anything.)
      What makes you excited about doing more of this type of work? (If anything.)

  1. Ahh! I just had the most frustrating day regarding just the opposite of this reaction! They were so resistent to not getting an equation. I think though, the more frustrating part was that they really don’t know how to learn conceptually, only how to plug in numbers. And these are my Calculus kids! =(

    Thanks for sharing about this though. It gives me a good reminder about how new this is for all of them.

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