2009 Edublog Nominations

My nominations for the 2009 Edublog awards

Best new blog
David Cox’s Questions? [http://coxmathblog.wordpress.com/]
(Anyone who has read this blog won’t question why it is top of my list.)

Best resource sharing blog
Kate Nowak’s f(t) [http://function-of-time.blogspot.com/]
(Her resources are more than nice lessons, but also interesting activities that can be used to group kids and differentiate instruction.)

Most influential blog post

Dan Meyer’s What I Would Do With This: Pocket Change [http://blog.mrmeyer.com/?p=4905]
(This was one of the best blog posts I read all year. It was inspirational. It didn’t get a lot of comments, so maybe not a lot of press, but it — and Dan’s whole What Can You Do With This series — is an exciting framework for how math can be taught.)

Best teacher blog

Dan Meyer’s dy/dan [http://blog.mrmeyer.com/]
(If you’re reading this, chances are slim to nil that you’ve not been to his blog. If you are in that slim to nil category, shame on you.)

Best elearning / corporate education blog

Maria Andersen’s Teaching College Math [http://teachingcollegemath.com/]
(I look up to her. I always find ideas and thoughts, and get exposed to some resources out there in the edutechnoblatespheroid, waiting for me at her blog.)

Best educational use of video / visual
Rhett Allain’s Dot Physics [just moved to http://scienceblogs.com/dotphysics/; originally at http://blog.dotphys.net/ ]
(Sweet design aesthetic and, oh yeah, he does some pretty sweet physics too.)



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