I’m not dead yet…

I’m sorry for being so incommunicado recently. There’s been a confluence of things that have prevented me from posting anything — and will probably affect me for a week or two coming up. Which is why I thought I’d at least say “hey, I’m not gone for good…”

1. Spring break just happened
2. The quarter is ending this Friday
3. I have to write narrative comments on every one of my students by next Thursday
4. I have to have finalized grades (meaning everything must be graded!) by this Friday
5. I’ve had two major computer catastrophes at the same time (one on PC, one on mac), both of which are thankfully now averted
6. We’re hiring in our department and this will take up some of my time in the next two weeks

If you take anything from this, I want to highlight #5 and say: BACKUP.


Backup. Don’t put it off. Just sign up for Dropbox (click this if you’re going to sign up and I get some extra free space!) or Box.net and make sure you don’t lose all those materials you’ve been creating/hoarding, and your gradebook doesn’t disappear into the electronic ether.

And if the title to the post didn’t make sense, just for fun:



  1. Dropbox seconded. Just signed up a few days ago, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    So easy. So effortless. So simple. So free.


  2. OK, I just signed up for dropbox. You and I both got 250 extra meg (above the free 2G). I’ll tell you what I think after I’ve used it some. (It says it won’t hog your internet connection, but it’s hogging mine right now. I need to find the option for telling it to use less.)

  3. 1) Good luck with the grading.

    2) I am still low tech with my backups. I use a free tool called SyncBack. With it, I set up backup profiles so I can back up the files I care about to an external hard drive. I don’t particularly want all my photos, music, and video in the cloud, but I need to have backup. With my system, I can unplug the hard drive and keep it in a fire box or even make annual backups to a hard drive I keep in a safe deposit box (which I haven’t done yet, but should). Anyway, I agree on the importance of backups. Losing all the tests and activities I have written would make me pretty unhappy.

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