WELCOME TO THE INTERNETS, a series of tubes

Kate “I’m not snarky” Nowak and Sean “the squirm” Sweeney are working on putting together a…

“Welcome to the internet, math teachers”

page on the internet. As much as I like them, I feel like this project needs a new working title. Because that’s just sad.  In the meanwhile, you should fill out their survey here.

Full confession: I haven’t filled it out yet. But I’m going to, today. So there. THERE. I PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE FOR CALLING ME A HYPOCRITE.



  1. I’m glad you are going to fill out the survey because you have soooo many great posts and ideas that people out there should know about. So there!!!

  2. No problem. I’m sure that your status as math-teacher-blogger-slash-superhero draws more than enough traffic as it is.

  3. What do you mean, you didn’t add any of your posts to the survey???

    You have so much to offer new teachers, Sam, I know if I were a new teacher, or new to the world of edublogging, I would want someone to point me in your direction.

    I hope you rethink your decision or maybe Kate will just pick some for you. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I am so thankful I did!

    1. You are so sweet! But mainly I didn’t put individual posts because I have about a zillion of them, and I am so bad at picking “favorites.” Not because I think they’re all awesome, or all sucky… but mainly because I I’d probably have a hundred that I enjoyed writing and wouldn’t want to whittle that list down… :)

  4. As a first year NYC math teacher with three preps, I have to say that what would be better than a big long organized bibliography page would be a page that collected and organized lessons and lesson ideas and experiences into a big page. I’m not saying a wiki, because people don’t like wikis (too impersonal).

    When I’m stuck on how to teach a topic, here’s what I do: I go to my favorite blogs, I search them for some keywords (damn you, “rational inequalities”!) or look at their “Lessons” tab, and then give up and go back to my books and write some lousy worksheet. But what would really help me would be a page (or a blog) that cultivated good or creative lessons.

    Look, if it wasn’t my first year and I had some time I’d be happy to do this in service of the community, but I think what we really need is a blogger to not just post their ideas, but collect ideas for lessons, and for these to be topically organized by blog post. Maybe this summer I can get to this, but I think that would be WAY more helpful.

    Also, as long as I’m on the intertubes (just got out of parent-teacher conferences so I’m a bit wired) I should say: I have gone through all of xkcd and organized it topically by math subject. Anyone want it?

    1. Hello MBP,

      A few of us have done this. My feeble attempt is https://samjshah.com/worksheets-projects/ (and at the top of that page are a couple others listed). This is a list that is personal to me — I’ve decided that these are the posts that I could see myself using in the future. That’s also why it focuses on Calculus and Algebra II.

      Or maybe that’s not what you’re thinking about… and you’re envisioning something different.


  5. Yeah, that’s exactly the sort of thing that would be helpful. Thanks for pointing me to your filing cabinet as well as the others. I’ll bookmark that page.

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