New Favorite Tweets Up

For those who aren’t in the know, every so often, I’ll compile and post my personal favorite tweets. The 10th edition is now up. To go there, just look above at the “Favorite Tweets” tab!

For an example:

approx_normalThere is a MOUSE in the recycling container in my classroom…. Kids coming in within next 10 seconds…. They’re gonna freak.

samjshah@approx_normal EAT IT! QUICK!



One comment

  1. The mouse incident reminded me of one in my class. A mouse was running around my freshmen physical science class. The kids, of course, did freak. However, a group of five boys did a good job corralling it and putting it into a box. From there, we were able to sorta do class.
    The next class, another teacher had the room. As she came in, I told her not to open the box because there was a mouse in it. She assumed I was joking, opened the box, and there it went. I assume she had a fun class.

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