How many of you out there use Dropbox?

(Hopefully many of you raised your hands.)

I do. It has been really awesome. For those who don’t know, it’s a site which “shares” all the files in a single folder among multiple computers. So I put all my teaching stuffs (worksheets, tests, smartboards, etc.) in that folder and I can access them anywhere. And it automatically updates — so any new documents I make at school will be on my home computer too. Any changes to tests I make will be made on my home computer too. Best of all, it’s free.

But the problem is: I’ve reached my (free) 2GB limit. I want to have all my teaching stuff on Dropbox, but probably like most of you, I have more than that.

One of my students who is taking computer science mentioned SugarSync to me… It’s like Dropbox… it’s also free, but better. (HOLLA!) You get a huge 5GB of free storage, plus it has somethings which I like better than Dropbox. But mainly, it has more space. Right now it seems like that site has already started to be a serious competitor for Dropbox. And I think they’re trying to get the word out. Right now, if you refer someone to SugarSync, you and the person you refer both get an additional 500MB of free storage space.  Clever, right?

Obviously, I want to be all over that. So if you are thinking of trying it out, use my referral link! You and I each get an additional free 500MB of space!

Image representing SugarSync as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

You should DEFINITELY try it out.

PS. If you want to sign up for a Dropbox account, use this link and I get 250MB of free space. I don’t think you get any free space though. :(




  1. I think both the referrer and the referred get an extra 250MB of free space. Also, for the referred, if you follow a few extra steps, very simple and harmless, you get an additional 250MB on top of that!
    I haven’t tried SugarSync, but if I decide to go for it, I will use your referral code. (I Instapaper-ed this article to check on it later!)

  2. Would you believe our school system blocked dropbox because of the “privacy risk?” If you already had it installed, you could still use it, but you couldn’t go to the website for a different version. But no one new could download and install it. Maybe I can spread the word about sugarsync before they hear of it! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Both are fantastic services, and SugarSync has the additional feature of letting you choose multiple folders to sync outside of your default “dropbox” folder. BUT one of the initial founders of Dropbox is a Packer alum (like me, class of 2005) and an MIT alum (like yourself, I believe? and the rest of the Dropbox team, it seems…) so I like to support Dropbox :)

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