Senior Letter 2010-2011

Today was the last day of classes for the seniors. I had a fun day planned, where we spent most of the time laughing. I love laughing with these kids. This year has been a great year with the seniors and I’m still in the pnumbra of their glow. As it was the last day of class, I gave out my senior letters. (By the way, I love that @sarcasymptote is doing it too! I love that his kids cherish his letter, which is heartfelt and heartwarming. I don’t know if any of my kids cherish their letters in the same way his kids do — no one has ever mentioned them to me again — but I write it for me, not them.)

Now that I have handed them out, I can share with you this year’s letter. The message is always the same, every year, because when I think of what’s most important I can’t come up with anything more important: knowledge is awesome.

PS. I’m always super critical and I wrote and rewrote this dang thing like 4 times. And I’m still not totally happy with it. But it’s good enough for me, for now.



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