Introducing Bowman

Here’s Kiki!

I mean Bowman. Bowman (@bowmanimal) is a math teacher I met at the Klingenstein program I attended earlier this summer. He has only been teaching two years, but he’s The Real Deal. He has this passion and curiosity for mathematics that infects everything he does in the classroom. He has a personality of a superstar — an eternal, nice-guy, optimist. He’s focused on student learning, jumping in the SBG waters in his second year. He is multi-talented, teaching physics (not next year tho!), and is able to sing (among other things) the hokey pokey in Arabic. To put it another and more crass way, he’s one of those teachers that when you meet them you immediately get insanely jealous because you want to be them. But you aren’t. (Shut up, guys, I know you all get that feeling. David Cox, you know I dream about becoming you. But shucking the wife and kids, and spider infestation. Wait, you think that’s weird that my only dream in this world is for us to play Freaky Friday? Naah.)

I asked Bowman if he’d like to “guest blog” here for the summer, and he said yes.

You lucky ducks.


So now that I’ve sung his praises, I’ll let him take over and introduce himself. I don’t know when he’s going to start, or precisely what he’s going to blog on, but hells bells, it’s going to be fresh.

Indeed, one of these strange creatures may or may not be Bowman. One of these strange creatures may or may not be me. One of these strange creatures may or may not be Chief Justice Roberts.


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