ThankThankThank You Bowman

I’ve been stuck in Grand Jury Duty for the past week and half, and for the weeks before then I was trying to eek every last fun thing I could think to do in New York City before jury duty and school started. It’s been a pretty ridiculous few weeks, and these weeks have almost nothing to do with school. I needed it, but now I’m feeling the anxiety creeping over me like some evil, insidious ivy. I’m still in the see no evil, hear no evil state of mind, and I will be in it until after jury duty is over. I’ve resigned myself to that, even though it’s doing nothing to dissipate that growing anxiety.

In these days, we’ve been fortunate to have Bowman Dickson write some fabulous guest posts:

1) Make It Better: Drawing with Geogebra
2) Make It Better: Memory Modeling
3) How I Grade Tests To Mine Learning Data [quickly]
4) Frankensongs and Frankenfunctions: Using Mashups to Teach Piecewise-Defined Functions
5) “Sticky” Notes
6) Our Experience with Understanding By Design (written with me!)
7) Math Taboo 

Bowman did a bang up job. Not only did every post have something immediately useful and concrete, but heck if Kiki ain’t a fantastically engaging writer too!

I wanted to thank Bowman for agreeing to guest blog.

And more importantly, Bowman has started again blogging on his own blog, which he’s devoting to math teaching now, at the appropriately named I don’t know what to say except he’s so much of the real thing. Not just with this blog, but with teaching. He’s jumped in and isn’t scared to take risks and try things out, but he does so with such depth of thought coupled with passion for student learning, that I can’t help but hate him for being so much more awesome, and love him for being so much more awesome. You would be exercising crusty and reprehensible judgment if you didn’t add his blog to your reading, like, now. 

And he tweets too at @bowmanimal.

Thank you Bowman! Peacocks for lyfe!


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