Let’s do a solid for @cheesemonkey

Dear you,

Yeah you, my super awesome teacher friend!

I am about to start composing a letter of recommendation for @cheesemonkey [blog, twitter], and I wanted your help. For me, her constant upbeat spirit and cheerleading of every one of us  in everything we do has been glorious. Heck, in my opinion, she’s a lynchpin to our online math math community. Full stop. The activities that she posts about are constantly on my list of things to steal. And just as importantly, the thoughtfulness that she writes about in all her interactions with students — whether it be in her zillion recommendation letters to her conscientious work to build up each student’s math confidence — is an inspiration.

I want to write a collective recommendation, one where the reader can see that @cheesemonkey has a broad impact on the math teaching world.

So let’s do a solid for @cheesemonkey. If she’s done something large or small, inspired you, helped you, given you something to use in her classes, keeps you engaged in teaching, pay back the favor. Throw your mini-recommendation in the submission box below (it will be emailed to me) and show her how much you care! A few sentences to a few paragraphs, just share. We’re a community that helps each other out all the time, and I need your help!

It is a bit time sensitive, so if you could do it soon (translation: in the next day or two), I would be ever grateful.

Thank you, all!