Weekly Math Subject Chats are Live Now

Julie Reulbach wrote a blogpost about the new Twitter chats that have formed. I’ve participated in two of the precalculus ones and I’ve gotten amazing stuff from them. Highly recommended!

I Speak Math

The math chats for each subject area, middle school through Calculus, have all officially begun!  Here is the list of chats.

SubjectTwitter #Day / TimeFacilitator
Middle School Math #msmathchatMonday 9PM EDT@justinaion  @luvbcd @shlagteach
Algebra 1 #alg1chatSunday 9 PM EDT@lmhenry9  @_MattOwen_  @anthonya @kathrynfreed
Algebra 2 #alg2chatMonday 9PM EDT@druinok  @wmukluk  @lbburke
Geometry#geomchatWednesday 9 PM EDT@algebrainiac1  @barbarawmadden
PreCalculus#PrecalcchatThursday 8:30 PM EST@mrlenadj  @untilnextstop
Calculus#calcchatFriday 11AM as per IST – that is 12:30am EST and 1:30am EDT@ajitmishra71
Statistics#statschatThursday 9pm EDT@jkindred13

Helpful Hints:

  • If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before you are in for a treat!  To participate, you just need to include the hashtag (example: #msMathChat) in your 140 characters.
  • The moderator will ask a question and then everyone can answer it and discuss…

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One comment

  1. They say it is impossible . To challenge this statement , go to Youtube and enter How to square a circle with a compass and straightedge by Al Amin . If you do some workings you will find that the square root of three and or Pi is for numbers 10 and greater it equates to 1..732050808 x 1.732050808 = 3.000000001
    This is called the N ` th Degree

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