Humanizing Mathematics Convention Center

Virtual Conference on Humanizing Mathematics

August 1st through August 29, 2019

For this virtual conference, we want to see and hear how you, as math teachers, bring out the humanity in mathematics — in small or large ways! So we have a two-fold prompt. Feel free to address one or both! 

How do you highlight that the doing of mathematics is a human endeavor?

How do you express your identity as a doer of mathematics to, and share your “why” for doing mathematics with, kids?

To read the extended prompt and learn how to share your own answers with others, go to our CALL FOR PRESENTERS. If you might be hesitant or think “what do I have to offer to others?” click on the CALL FOR PRESENTERS anyway. You might realize from reading that we all do things, large and small, that bring humanity into our classrooms, and sharing isn’t as scary as it may seem.


Keep checking back to see this program filled out with the presentations! Each week the keynote speakers presentations will go live, and additional presenters who submit their presentations will be added!

August 1:


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August 15:


August 22: