mix cd club

This year, my first year of teaching, has left me little time for a social life. Let’s just say: I’ve pretty much resigned myself to having one day a week to myself — Saturday– and on principle, I refuse to do work on it. (Confession: I’ve been known to break that rule…)

Because of this weird life of mine, I decided to be proactive and create a “mix cd club.” Every two or three months, a bunch of us get together with some awesome mix cds we crafted on some theme (chosen by yours truly) and exchange them at a local watering hole.

This round’s theme was: Time Travel
(In honor of a recent watching of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.)

And I decided to do the somewhat morbid:

“songs that I wouldn’t mind being played at my funeral.”

  1. scream and shout (polyphonic spree)
  2. breathe me (sia)
  3. round here (counting crows)
  4. i will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie)
  5. 1234 [feist cover] (jack penate)
  6. somewhere over the rainbow (israel kamakawiwo’ole)
  7. what a wonderful world (louis armstrong)
  8. suddenly everything has changed [flaming lips cover] (the postal service)
  9. apologize [ft. one republic] (timbaland)
  10. neighborhood #1 (the arcade fire)
  11. the funeral (band of horses)
  12. a fond farewell (elliott smith)
  13. the world at large (modest mouse)
  14. i hear the bells (mike doughty)
  15. we’re from barcelona (i’m from barcelona)
  16. girls (death in vegas)
  17. light and day (the polyphonic spree)
  18. pink trash dream (the polyphonic spree) [only 31 seconds]
  19. introitus: requieum aeternam (mozart)
We’re meeting up in 4 hours. I can’t wait. I love delicious beverages and good music. (And for those of you who haven’t discovered muxtape: samjshah.muxtape.com)
UPDATE: So at the first mix cd club meet up, we all gave the bartender an extra copy of our cds. At the second meet up, I swore that my mix cd was being played — I heard like 7 of my songs (some popular, some obscure) played in a row. This time, again, I heard a few of the songs from my cd. Guess what? I got confirmation that my cd is on constant rotation in the bar. When we offered the bartender copies of our cds, he thanked us and asked “who made the ‘listen me’ cd? because I put that on all the time.” That was at least 6-8 months ago. I grinned.UPDATE 2: Tracklistings of all cds here.


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