Superstring Theory? Hogwash!

I recently re-stumbled upon The Science Creative Quarterly. I find it every so often, read through a few articles in the archives, and then forget about it until some link or another drags me back there, where I repeat this process. Indefinitely.

This time, I (re?) discovered a great article on superstring theory. An excerpt to get you interested:

The idea is that all the particles and forces in the universe are different notes on appallingly tiny strings. A key tenet of this theory is that there are at least ten dimensions, that’s six more than the four we can access, but that the others can’t be measured or in any way observed because they’re too small. Seriously, that’s the entire argument. And an invisible and untouchable dog ate their homework. Also, the dog cannot be smelled.

The rest of the article is here, hilarious and full of things we’ve all thought but we’d never say, because we have that much faith in physicists.


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