Videotaping your class

In teacher bootcamp yesterday, we each had to teach a 15 minute section of a 40 minute lesson to our peers. And did I forget to mention that there was a giant, professional videocamera following our every movement?

I haven’t watched the videotape yet. Even though I’m terrified, I think there is so much value in an exercise like this. Because even though it may be hard, and you may not want to see yourself, I know that when I do, I’ll see my teaching in a new light.

Already from my verbal and written critiques of the lesson, I have been told something that I never knew — that no student ever told me in any of the feedback I ask from them. That sometimes (but not all the time) I speak too fast. It wasn’t nervousness or fear of the video camera. I felt like I was conducting the lesson exactly as if I were in my school giving the lesson. (Once I get in front of a class, no matter who or what is observing me, I forget about everything but the math lesson.) So now I know.

I wonder what gems I’ll find from the tape when I watch it… if I can get past the horror of hearing my own recorded voice.



  1. I had to videotape myself twice during my student teaching. The idea of watching it was very, very painful. Actually watching it was helpful.

  2. Like you, the idea of it is YIKES! But I guess if your students have to sit through it every day, it isn’t a terrible thing to sit through it once.


    Ummm. Yeah. Probably I’ll post an update once I watch it.


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