Boom de yada

Come on a digital journey with me

Stop 1: Watch this

Stop 2: Read this

Stop 3: Listen to this: click

Stop 4: Get the idea to make a derivative video and song about myself! Because I’m a narcissist! And it sounds like hella fun! Yeah! And heck, maybe I could show it to my class on the first day of school as an introduction.

Stop 5: Watch this

Take the truism about playing around with technology to heart: yeah, it’s fun, but if you’re going to use it in the classroom, make sure it’s for the students and not (only) for your own narcissistic pleasure… schools tend not to discriminate between good and bad uses of technology in the classroom… “you’re good if you use it, whether it results in student understanding or not”… don’t get sucked into that praise.

Stop 6: Seriously decide to learn how to deal with sound, images, and video. I want to go from having learned to do this

…to get to someplace better, and to turn that into something teaching-&-learning related. Pictures and sound and videos are powerful resources. Not only do they have the power to make something more interesting, but they have the power to make something more memorable and understandable. Or at least get you to ask questions. Case in point, make the next stop.

Stop 7: Watch this.

Can’t get a better opening hook than that. (And you don’t even need to say anything.) You know how I know? Because I thought, as you probably thought, “Awesome,” followed by a “What the heck?!” and “How’d that happen?!”

Now all I need is a lot of spare time to fiddle around with my computer. And a video camera. And to get over my fear of seeing and hearing myself electronically.


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