Delicious Linky Links

I’ve been doing a lot of “internetsing” in the past few weeks. Some things of note:

  1. Math Teacher Mambo’s “volumes of revolutions” project [here]
  2. A superduper awesome puzzle to give to your students when learning trigonometry: “explain this crop circle” [here]. If I gave extra credit, I would probably give it to the student who could explain the math encoded within it.
  3. Wordle [here] creates clouds from texts — text frequency. I love the idea for using this to create images for a English class website (different word clouds, different books), or for the cover of a dissertation or a book. I created the images below. Guess which books they are for? (I got them from Project Gutenberg.) An interesting English discussion could spring out of this type of word counting…
  4. [here] converts standard distances and sizes to things we non computers understand.Example: 500 gigabytes is 17 dual layer HD DVDs, 160 Human Genomes, 62 Window Vistas Installation, 190 English Wikipedias (without images)
  5. For an English or History class, have students design a facebook page for famous authors, poets, scientists, political figures, etc. Look at this one for Einstein on [here].
More to come. Later.

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