Summer… yawn.

Ho hum. I don’t know what to do with my days, and I’m only really on day two. I tried watching TV this morning… Tyra Banks and Divorce Court just don’t capture my interest.

I can’t seem to read more than 10 pages of a book before I get tired of it. I’m in the middle of three different books now.

I suppose I should shower, now that it’s 1 o’clock. I think I’m going to go to my school campus to spend some time before I meet up with some friends at our local watering hole. Let’s hope that won’t be how I pass most of my time in the next few months.

Note: I do have a whole list of school related and non-school related things to do this summer. But it’s hard to take that first step… or in my case, scooch out of bed.



  1. I think you just need to rest your overworked brain for a few days and then you’ll bounce right back into the work routine. I find, as I get older, it takes longer for that bounce-back period to work. After 19 years in the classroom, I’m at two weeks of rest before I can even think about doing something. Another two weeks and I’ll be ready to start planning for next year, and two weeks after that, well, I’ll be back to work.

  2. Ahh, I’ve been taking that break and it’s disturbingly amazing. Reading! Movies! Meeting Friends! How can I ever start working ever again?

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