It’s Alive! Multivariable Calculus or Bust

As you might recall, I’m spending a chunk of this summer designing a multivariable calc course. The oft repeated phrase of the moment: GACK! This is a mini-challenge, because not only am I trying to plan out the curriculum, but I have to refresh my poor, atrophied brain which hasn’t touched “multi” (as I fondly nicknamed it) in forever. (Well, erm, 9 years, anyway.)

I spent yesterday searching the net for resources to have at my fingertips when designing the course. And to keep them all organized — in one place — I created a website to house it all. 

My Multivariable Calculus Resource Webpage:

I’m actually really proud of it, even though it’s still a work in progress. So if you have any interest, hop on by. Things of notice:

  • Nine different free multivariable calc textbooks (!) are available online
  • There are loads of great applets to visualize things like div, grad, curl, line and surface integrals, etc.
  • There isn’t a set of free videos that I could find that go through major concepts in multivariable calc
  • gnuplot is an incredibly powerful graphing utility
Have fun!


  1. no prob! thanks for thinking of things for me – you’re awesome!

    by the way, i’m totally in love with OCW and iTunesU.

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