Looking for a new teaching job?

It’s about time for hiring season to begin for independent schools. It’s truly begun this weekend, interviews and all. Good luck for those looking for jobs!

I have old two posts that I thought I’d highlight that might help you out.

1. My musings on being on a hiring committee
2. My musings on being on the job market

I hope they help any of you looking for a new job or considering looking for a new job. If you have any questions about my experience teaching in an independent (read: private) high school, feel free to ask. I have a lot of really great things to say about it, but there are a number of trade offs too. I’d be happy to give whatever counsel I can.



  1. Wow, you completely intimidated me about looking for a job at an independent school. I needed that, thanks! Srsly, I’m just looking to move nearer my family, and it doesn’t seem like any schools are posting openings yet. I’m kind of enamored of the NYSTRS (retirement system) so hopefully I can stay in the public schools. Bad year for it though. Lots of districts are talking about cutting staff.

  2. Thanks for posting this. My husband recently lost his job to to the current economy and we are more than likely looking at a move in the near future. I am terrified of going through the job hunt process. I love my current school, fellow teachers, and my students with all my heart and I cannot imagine leaving it. I know I am a good teacher, but the prospect of doing a “demo” lesson scares me to death. Be certain I will be rereading your post if I find myself in the market for a new position.

    Also, thanks for the comments on my nth roots questions. I really appreciate your input.

  3. @Kate: Oh dear, that wasn’t the point at all. You shouldn’t be intimidated! In fact, I actually kind of enjoyed looking for my job. It was, however, totally exhausting having to be “on” the whole day. Plus everyone is desperate for math teachers. No matter the economy.

    @Mrs. H: I’m sorry about your husband’s job. I love that you love your school like that. If you do go on the market, please don’t be scared of the demo lesson. Most of the demo lessons I saw were just traditional lessons — nothing fancy. If you can teach math, and don’t make any students cry, you’re pretty much in a good position.

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