dy/dan’s Annual Report Results

First Place: Ben Wildeboer

Second Place: Frieder Knauss*

Third Place: Simon Job

Dan Meyer’s Favorites: Frieder Knuass & Sam Shah (that’s me!)

To determined First, Second, and Third place, Dan had each entrant send in their favorite top 3 annual reports, in order. So Dan was using some form of preferential voting — which could have led to disaster. How, you ask? Well, it’s a bit of an interesting paradox.

Say we have 3 people ranking 3 candidates (A, B, and C).

PERSON 1: A B C (in that order)
PERSON 2: B C A (in that order)
PERSON 3: C A B (in that order)

Who wins? The great Englightenment thinker Condorcet noted this paradox.
*Mr. K’s (Frieder Knauss) annual report was my #1 favorite. If you want to read why, click on the “Second Place” link above. My blurb is posted there. Part of my interpretation wasn’t correct, as Mr. K points out on his blog.


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