Math Teacher Portfolio

UPDATE: My new portfolio is at


Inspired by Kate Nowak’s new portfolio, I am going to be making a new teaching portfolio this summer. I wanted to solicit advice.

Three questions:

  1. What would you want to see in a portfolio if you were checking out a math candidate to teach in your school?
  2. What are any math teachers portfolios that you have seen that you’ve enjoyed looking at?
  3. What place do you think would be a good place to host it?

I’d love for you to put any advice in the comments.

More about my thoughts below, if you care to see them.

Here is where I am now. I made a portfolio last summer, but I’m not totally happy with it yet.

The fundamental thing about the porfolio is that I want it to be less formal, chalk full o’ information, and exhibit my personality. FUN AND LIGHT AND VISUAL AND COLORFUL!

Things I’m thinking of including:

  • my life trajectory (how I got into teaching)
  • resume
  • projects I’ve done with students
  • letters of recommendation that I used to get my current job
  • my blog (which is the best professional development that I’ve done) and links to some favorite posts
  • my use of technology
  • classroom projects
  • smartboard lessons I’ve used in the classroom
  • my evaluations from administrators who have observed my classroom
  • professional development / curriculum development
  • transcripts (undergrad, grad school)
  • non-teaching contributions to my school
  • my Massachusetts teaching license

Any other ideas? I’d love any ideas. I’m mulling:

  • photos of me teaching
  • video of me teaching
  • student feedback
  • a “me in numbers” page, and a “me in words” page
  • a short piece about my love for math
  • my twitter username (and some of my favorite tweets) – since I mainly twitter with math teachers
  • a “the formal, short, and dirty” page of what a traditional portfolio might have

How I precisely present all of this information is going to be the fun challenge. I’m thinking: venn diagrams, colorful charts, links, etc. It’s fun to dream of it, but I know it’ll be trying to learn how to actually create this half-formed vision.



  1. Wow, I can’t wait to see it. I think it will be a rewarding project for you to reflect, even if you aren’t planning to change jobs any time soon. I am wary of making mine flashy (pictures, color, informal narratives)…public schools (in upstate NY anyway) tend to be somewhat conservative.

    Maybe I missed it but you should include some samples of student work (is that what you mean by ‘classroom projects’?) Also, you should include your dy/dan four-slide summary new years entries.

    I would be thrilled to have video of me teaching a class. You should certainly make an effort to include it. I tried but the long clip crashed my Flip and I couldn’t recover it. I’m going to try to get something short this week or at least a few pictures, but I’m done presenting new material. (This is going to be “Here, Kid, take this camera and get a few pictures of me looking like a teacher.”)

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