My Teaching Portfolio: Selling and Archiving

I wanted to revise my teaching portfolio. I decided to think backwards and start from what the goals of my portfolio were and then see what I could do to achieve them:

  • A site for me to “sell” myself, if I ever go on the job market.
  • A site for me to archive the evolution of my teaching career. My blog acts as that, in a haphazard way. The portfolio sorts through the detritus and organizes it.
  • A site for me to express my personality and teaching style.

What I came up falls short of the third piece, but I think it is successful on the two parts.

If you want to check it out, feel free: Sam Shah’s Teaching Portfolio

And just so you know, my Teaching Philosophy as is now is actually just filler. I mean, I believe all that, but I haven’t written a formal one yet.




  1. Your transcripts are truly epic revelations; I have never seen such combinations of courses taken at one time. Cal 1 and DE at the same time! Cal 2 and Analysis at the same time, too. You obviously had lots of calculus prior to your freshman year at MIT. Anyway, nearly 4 years to complete a Masters in History, that too is amazing in an entirely different sort of way.

    I am intrigued that you teach multivariable calculus at the high school level. I presume this includes the usual line integrals, exact vs inexact differentials, div, grad curl and all that, right? Would you share the materials/book/notes/curriculum you use at that level? I don’t recall whether AP BC has all that.

    You are an inspiration to me. Can’t wait to start my non-traditional 5th year to get back into teaching!

  2. @Will: Actually, I got credit for calculus and multivariable calculus BEFORE college, so I didn’t actually take Cal 1 and DE and Cal 2 and Analysis at the same time. (That would be crazy!) They just threw them there because I had credit for them prior to college. I took Diff Eq and Analysis my freshman year only!

    Yeah, the MV calc stuff is the standard curriculum. None of the MV calc stuff is taught in BC. I posted a lot on this blog about the course, so you can look through the previous posts for some specifics. (Search “multivariable” and you get a bunch:

    But here’s something that might at least get you started to see what the course is like. I’ve also posted the problem sets that I made for the students here:

    I’m glad you’re excited to get back into teaching!!!

    PS. The masters in history was done in 2 years, but I was going for my PhD — after 2 years of working on that I decided I didn’t like being an academic…

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