Idea etched on a receipt

This past weekend I went out with some friends to a new favorite haunt. When I was there, I somehow mentioned that I was using Twitter, and to the one new person I hadn’t met before, I said as an aside, “I only twitter with math teachers.” Of course, it was one of those comments made in such a moment in such a way that brought on wave after wave of laughter. To the point where one of my friends felt compelled to write it down for posterity.

Indeed, my friends like to mock me at all turns. (But that’s okay, because I give as much mock as I get.)

She jokingly said she was going to get me a t-shirt made with that on it. Of course I thought that was an awesome idea. I made a sketchup (with various colors). I’m almost tempted to get one printed.

Hm. Maybe the little twitter bird should be added to the upper right hand corner. Or on a sleeve.

UPDATE: A #needaredstamp shirt should be designed:



    1. I think the #needaredstamp is a must add! Or, maybe it’s a completely different shirt. Either way, AWESOME!

      1. I think it’s a different shirt altogether. All those wonderful quotes on t-shirts would be a hit at math conferences.

      2. How’s this?

        I could make something way cooler, but I wanted to whip something up in 2 minutes as a sample.
        If you don’t know what #needaredstamp means, lucky for you, I saved the twitter posts about it (read from the bottom up).

        Actually, it would be even more awesome to get little 1″ buttons made, with these on them! One #needaredstamp for each button!

  1. I’m in! One of my students caught me on twitter today (I was trying to DM you about that calc midterm) and accused me of chatting with my friends. I said that you all are my friends, but that I was chatting with you for math reasons only. *smile*

    It worked.

  2. My students have caught me on Twitter… one wag said “But you’re not famous! No one cares what you had for breakfast!”

  3. Put me down for one of each of whatever you end up making.

    I get “Are you ON TWITTER?” said with the same tone of voice as something like “Are you PICKING YOUR NOSE?” Twitter is not cool with the learner’s permit set.

  4. YES to the T-shirt.

    Just a simple (a lot of math t-shirts are WAY too busy) “I ONLY TWITTER WITH MATH TEACHERS” on the front (though maybe in less eye-strain-inducing colors), with maybe the Twitter bird, and all the #needaredstamp tags on the back.

    I would buy one, and exhort all of my colleagues to do the same.

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