So you know those t-shirts that I was thinking of getting made? Well, tonight I thought: why the heck not?

Without further ado, the t-shirts are here!


Some details about them. Each tshirt has a front and back, and there are a few different color tshirts. The front says (in various colors):

While the back says:

The #needaredstamp hashtag is always printed in red. [1]

I don’t know much about women’s t-shirts, but I know they are cut differently. So I made a few of those too. The cut of them looks like this:

There were tons of choices for the type of t-shirts to be printed on, but I figured I’d just choose the cheapest. And in case you were wondering, no, I’m not making money off of these or anything. I put the commission at $0 because, well, how awful would that be to profit off of my selfless and awesome twitterfriends.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I just made these, so I haven’t ordered one yet. They are definitely not high quality shirts. So I don’t know if they suck or if they rock.

[1] It wasn’t feasible without driving up the prices to include the detailed #needaredstamp picture I wanted to include. Plus, I figured if you taught Algebra I vs. Linear Algebra, the stamps would be totally different. If you don’t know what this hashtag means, read this from the bottom up.

UPDATE: My shirt arrived today, and I’ve been asked for photos. So here’s my narcissistic photoshoot!



  1. Hi Sam-

    I don’t tweet but I love the other shirt you said you were going to make about all the things math teachers always say. I thought that was hilarious. :)


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