This week sucks

Warning: Whining ahead. Skip this post to be spared.

I am in the middle of a hell week. In addition to my classes, I have a number of after school commitments which may lead to me frothing at the mouth, clutching my knees, and rocking back and forth, mumbling “no time, no time, never any time.”

3:30-4: Proctor a math contest
4:00-5:15: Interview math candidates
5:15-6:15: Informally discuss candidates with hiring committee

3:30-5: Math department meeting

3:15-5pm: Administer the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 10/12) to 100+ students

3:30-4:30: Tutor
4:30-5:30(?): Interview math candidates

3:20-4: Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee meeting
4-5:30(?): Interview math candidates

This is in addition to my regular school work. Which happens to be a lot this week. To say the least.

Do I want to be pitied? Actually, yes, please.



  1. I totally understand what you’re going through.

    What I’ve always found is that the anticipation of a really packed week is actually worse than the week itself. I keep reminding myself of that…

    You’ll make it!!

  2. I just survived a hell week of my own, last week. You’ll find that if you take it day by day, and SLEEP (which, yes, does mean putting things off or grading during stolen moments) that the week won’t be so bad.

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