Binomial Theorem Video Contest

Kate Nowak’s binomial theorem video contest deadline is this Thursday! Which means you still have time to enter. It’s not about perfection, or about video length, but about coming up with an interesting idea and trying to execute it. Don’t feel bad about the competition bit — and thinking your idea isn’t good enough, or that it’s been done before, or that you can’t make a professional-looking video, or that you think it’s too boring. Just put caution to the wind and throw your hat in the ring! I think everyone in this online-math-teacher-edu-blogosphere-thingy is probably a bit too critical about themselves, and always feels a little inadequate. (I know I do. All. The. Freakin’. Time.) This is about just experimenting and trying something out.

And yes. You obviously can win fame and glory. And an ill fitting t-shirt. And possibly (if there are 7+ entries) the Lemov book. There’s that too.


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