Senior Letter 2010

On Wednesday, I had my last day of classes with my seniors. I write letters to my senior classes each year and hand ’em out on this day. I don’t know if they throw ’em away, or take what I say to heart, or something in between. But I don’t write it for them.

I print it out on school letterhead, and include their “Who I am” sheet they filled out on the first day of classes with an index card with goals they had for the upcoming year.

I hope they stick the letter and “Who I am” sheet in their yearbooks and forget about ’em until years later. I did that with a letter my high school English teacher gave to me, and I treasure that.



  1. Sam,

    You know how Riley just had that post about things that matter? That mattered. That letter inspired ME and I’ve never spent a day in your class. Thank you.

  2. As a first year teacher (in History/Social Sciences) – your post inspired me, and I think I might do something similar :)

    Your descriptions here were beautiful. I never liked math – (well, algebra, geometry and trigonometry were ok, but gave up during intro calculus!) but I’m going to make re-learning math on Khan Academy a priority.

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