Ready for Summer

I’m tired, and ready for my well-deserved vacation to start. I am ready to pack up this year and put it behind me. I have a lot I want to say about my failures, but I can’t write about them here. I’ve tried writing them down for the past hour, but they get too specific, in ways I don’t want to be specific. So we’ll leave it at this:

This year was overall less successful than the year before. I think classroom dynamic has a lot to do with it. I wish I could have gotten a real community feel in one of my classes in particular. We never really bonded, and honestly, I don’t know if we could have. But I could have done a lot better by them if I could have convinced them we were on a team together and that I was on their side. On the other hand, I learned some valuable experiences this year about the importance of consciously building atmosphere. It’s important to develop it early on, and it’s important to maintain.